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Thank you to the many ticket sellers, purchasers, workers, donors, attendees ....and the list goes on and on.



And the BIG WINNERS are:

Mike Vennard takes the HARLEY…

$1,000       Peter Nardolillo

$500          Robert Bryant

Congratulations to our winners and a MAJOR THANK YOU to all our supporters. We couldn’t do it without you. Hope to see everyone next year, be healthy & stay safe... Bob K


"China Beach...and we don't have to go back to Vietnam to celebrate there!!!"


                    Here is our Harley that will be raffled off this year...           its a lot of high quality machine...what a beauty and tickets aree only $10 each, but we are selling out.

To WIN this... have to have purchased the lucky one of these

      ...and here's this year's shirts



We have a limited supply of shirts.

Sizes   M, L, XL $15.00 each               Sizes 2X, 3X, 4X $17.50 each

Want a shirt or a few ?

For shirts call AL (518) 466-8771 or Jack (518) 235-4254 or Bob (518) 573-1497 and one of us will get them to you.


Where can we get Harley Tickets?

Albany Area

Call AL (518) 466-8771 or Jack (518) 235-4254 or Bob (518) 573-1497 and we'll get them to you...or visit one of our supporters:

East Berne, NY 

 Helderberg True Value                                                                          865 Helderberg Trail (Rt 443)                                                          East Berne, NY 12059


East Greenbush, NY 

  Smokin Joe's bbq,(formerly Mothers)                                                10 Troy Rd.                                                                                 East Greenbush, NY 12144

Fort Ann, NY 

 McDermott’s Harley Davidson                                                  4294 U.S. 4                                                                                       Fort Ann, NY 12827                                               

Not in the area, Call Bob at (518) 573-1497 or send me a message and we'll get them to you.

Thank you for your support...TCCVEV

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NEW Website Page

A Scrap Book Page has been added to this site with the intent of posting one or two photos from our members military service. It's easiest to submit a picture or two by sending it to me (Bob Kraft) at

If its easier for you to send a photo or two by mail, I will scan it and return it. Send a photo for our scrapbook to Bob Kraft,  6 Berkshire Dr.,  Albany, NY 12205


                                                 You gotta be kidding me...!!!



        Just getting back from Florida a few days ago MY WIFE SAID I WAS CRAZY when I told her I needed to distribute 750 Harley Raffle tickets to Our TCCVEV Helpers. This is TCCVEV's MAJOR FUND RAISER and there is info in the flyers. I would really appreciate proving my wife wrong (doesn't happen very often) If a number of TCCVEV Members would drop me a message like, "yeah Bob I can't wait to help sell TCCVEV's Harley Raffle Tickets contact me" (LOL) it would make life less stressful...I am finding that VFW's, American Legion's, places where bikers go, biker events, etc are very receptive to helping us. Typically I like to give tyhem 25 to 50 Harley Raffle tickets,   Please help, even a ticket or two means a lot...thank you

I can be contacted on facebook at the Tri County Council Vietnam Era  Verterans page or my page listed as Bob Kraft. MY Cell  # is (518) 573-1497....Bob Kraft

Here it is...all ready to go home with the winner

on SUNDAY AUGUST 9th 2015!!!


Albany Rhoades Service Center of Albany, NY.                       Doug or Linda 518- 456-5682
Albany Sheehy Palmer VFW Post 6776 525 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY 12209 518- 456-9349
Albany Vennard's Service Center                                         Mike Vernard 518- 462-1071
Cohoes Marine Corp League Department of NY                         Tim Forbes, PDC, PDD 518- 728-6494 
Coxsackie  Capital Region NY 2 Blue Star Mothers of America          Robin Wood Johnson 518-429-4561
Coxsackie  Matts Cycle Center                                                  Joe Angelo Jr. 518-731-8118
Cuba TCCVEV Western NY Supporter                              Dave Michie 716- 373-0739
Delmar Nathaniel Blanchard Post 1040 American Legion 16 W Poplar Dr, Delmar, NY 12054 518- 439-9819
Delmar Joe's Barber Shop                                                      Joe Bruno 518-439-9814
Glenmont Tiffany's  Barber Shop                                               Tiffany Westervelt 518- 434-1525
Voorheesville Voorheesville American Legion Post #1493     Charlie Ranker 518- 765-4359 


We would like to distribute to areas throughout the state…can we add your business & name? If you have Harley Raffle Ticket Helpers I'd like to add them to the list above. If you do just let me know...
This list is "IN PROGRESS" and GROWING….there are more contacts to be added.


"God has eyes" "He sees" and "He knows"

(There are many translations to this)

 This video was taken by some dirt bike riders along the continental divide

in Colorado , who stumbled upon a Vietnam memorial in the woods.

Whoever did it, put a lot of time and money into it. Evidently hunters and

possibly some Vets must be aware of it as there are numerous 7.62,

30.06 rounds and good luck coins on the ledges between the stones.

Who built it and how did it get there? In the middle of nowhere!